4 thoughts on “On The Air

  1. Hi Mark I have been looking at your site here good job dude. You do have a lot of computer skills. I wouldn’t have a clue how to do this. The roller up and down on the page doesn’t always work. I have to go to the side to get it to work. Anyway thanks for what you do for the hobby. Gerard KE7CF

    1. Thank you Gerard for the positive feedback. I appreciate it. I will take a look at the side bar scroll. This may be due to the design of my Theme I am using. Mark, KC7NYR.

  2. The new additions are coming in very smoothly, without the site feeling bogged down. That’s bound to be hard to do! Thanks, bud!

    1. I appreciate your positive feedback! Keeping large images out of the mix helps with site performance. Thanks Yuuki!

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