Linux User Net Guest Speaker

Each Monday we have a Linux User Net on the K7RPT linked repeaters in Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas.The Net starts at 8:10PM-9:00PM.

Our frequencies are; 147.32 and 442.325, 444.125 and 147.040 megahertz all having a 100.0 hz tone. If you are interested in becoming a guest speaker, just fill out the form below.

As a guest speaker we will have a regular Net Control Station run the net and take check- ins. After roll call and answering any Linux questions, then the Net Control Station will have the guest operator share their Linux topic for discussion with plenty of pauses for questions and to allow Net Control to take check-ins.

Be advised, when on the air please unkey your microphone to all the repeater to reset or it will time out. Do not transmit more than 1.5 minutes without allowing the repeater to drop. We use the term “reset” to let others know that your pausing to allow the repeater to reset.

You must activate your account via email that you provided upon registration. Once you click on the activation link you will return to the front page where you will see a message in green text at top of the page confirming account creation. There will not be an account login since this is for registration only.

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