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Contact KC7NYR over the Air During the D1 Net to get Scheduled

If you are a Alternate or Net Control Station for the D1 Net and need a current Net preamble Revision Date April 4, 2019, download here. If you need fill material visit http://kc7nyr.com/fill-material-d1/

This NCS schedule is maintained by Mark, KC7NYR – Assistant D1 Net Manager & Net Secretary. If you like to make changes to this net schedule, contact KC7NYR or KC7ZZB over the air.

D1 Net Control Stations & Alternates

MondayOpen - AlternatesOpen for a regular Net Control Station

Our Alternate Net Control Operators

Newest alternates are

KJ7DTY – Jeff

KJ7EPQ – Gary

AE7XP – Michael

KJ7FTX – Vincent

K5VP – Kevin

KJ7DTT – David

Active Alternates

K5VP – Kevin

Alex – KE7SIN

KK6YUR – Michael

KJ7EPQ – Gary

Paul – KD7ISA

Irene – KF7NKE

KJ7FTX – Vincent

Russ – KC7MM

Mark – KC7NYR

Inactive Alternates

Yuki – K7SAK

Norm – KD6IFF

Bill – K7WXW

Tara – N7TAK

Emily – N7EMH

Mike – KA7PLE

Don – W7HDM

Mike – KG7IRB

Janet – WB7FJC

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